when she becomes a habit

November 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

work desk

Hey, what happened with your hair?

Why you never learn how to greet a girl on Skype, Ron?

Seriously, that’s curly! I never see you with curly hair since we’re in junior high!

Oh please stop laughing like that.

Sorry. Is it because of Mark? Or your thesis?

Mark didn’t say anything about my hair. It pissed me off too. At least he could say something about my hair, right? But no, it’s more because of my thesis. It drives me crazy. So yesterday I decided to get a new haircut. A bit too far hair-makeover, don’t ya think?

No, you look fresher. And pretty, really.

Keep on wooing, Ron. By the way, I feel so tired.  This thesis-thing has drained my energy. I think my mom was right. I’m too young to chase this ambition. Mysubject is too high. Sometimes I just want to run out of my laboratory and spend the whole day sitting on the couch and watching NCIS back to back—and eating ice cream.

Just calm down, Jess. I’m sure you can do your thesis very well.

Oh I hope so. So, what news are you going to tell me?

My project. The scenario has done. The team is ready.

That’s good!

I want it to be the best short-film ever captured. The film that the audience will think about it years later.

And how do you manage it? Asking Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper to do their perfect acts again?

Yeah, keep laughing at me, the NYU youngest-PhD-candidate.

Hey, it’s not my fault that I’m genius …

I know those words too well, sorry. Now listen, I have found the actress.

That’s another great news!

She is smart. Plain. A bit scary.

Scary? Are you about to making a horror movie or what?

Sort of. A psychological thriller, to be exact.

Now you tell me that! That’s interesting. I can’t wait the premier.

And you know what, I ….

Oh, someone’s knocking the door. Sorry Ron. Can we talk again tomorrow? I have to go now with my friends.

You’re going out? But you’ve just told me that you are tired…

Yeah, but there’s a party and one of my favorite professor would come there, so this is kinda an exception… 

What? A professor in a party? That’s ridiculously impossible!

Well, you’d be surprised to see how cool they are nowadays, Mr. Director.

Oh, come on, Jess.

Really sorry Ron, I need to go.

Yeah, okay. All right. Just go and make sure everybody see your new haircut.

Argh, Ron!

He stared at the empty screen. Slight smile was still lingering on his face.

See you again tomorrow, Jess.

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