and now I am watching robots… doing sumos, even battles

August 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Thanks to my elder son (Nav), I’ve had an exceptional week with robots. His robot team had represented his school to join a mini robot competition for elementary and junior high students in our city (Yogyakarta)—and my new experience with robot had begun. The competition was organized by Taman Pintar (Edu Park), with Macquarie University and Australian Volunteer International (AVI).
Nav is quite familiar with simple programming in computer, but that was his first time to do it with a robot. So he was excited, and so did I. I considered myself lucky to know the first cute robot I’ve ever seen—Edison Robot—which was given to each team. They would use those pretty orange things in sumo competition.

Yeah, right. They should battle each other (and push some obstacles out of arena).

After one day workshop, the students had a week to program their robots and designed the bodies. And not only Nav and his friends, I learnt a lot too in a week.

Like, there were tons of awesome robots battles in YouTube. Like, some of them were no kidding—they crashed to each other, they destroyed each other, they used water or fire to attack, they jumped, flew, flashed. Just wow.

For smaller robots, there were also lots of sumo competitions we could watch. To my surprise, this particular robot Nav used, Edison, was super easy to learn (even for me). We can make programs using drag and drop graphical icons like this.


And they have free downloaded books (HERE).

Anyway, the competition itself was fun, and Alhamdulillah Nav’s team (SMP IT Masjid Syuhada) won the second prize. They were so happy! We captured the moments in some pictures and videos below (Nav and his friends were in green ‘batik’ uniforms).

Congrats to all kids. We sure had a lot of fun!

edison robot-smp syuhada

the team with their teacher

edison robot-taman pintar

the participants’ happy faces

edison robot-smp syuhada- macquire university

second winner! (with the students of Macquaire University)

edison robot-sumo design

Nav’s Edison robot


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