i believe, she wrote to herself

July 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

girl writes a letter

that there will be time in your life, when you’ve like just enough about good and bad, about pleasure and grief, about wiseness and carelessness. Just hope it won’t be late, it won’t be too old, it won’t be too long to realize, for you to bring out the good of you, the core of you, the pureness of human being, that being honest, being content, being love yourself like you love Allah, is the most beautiful feeling you have. That nothing in the world happen without He Knowing, without His Will.

And because of that, at the moment that nobody know when it’s going to happen—you will see around you differently.

The stories you read, the songs you sing everyday, your favorite books, inspiring people you meet, bad guys you see, beautiful person you glance, wonderful hearts you watch, tragic moments you feel, the anger and fear you hold, the mistakes you’ve made, the smile of your children, cold raining days you get through, horrifying times when you meet your enemies, love and hate you experienced, the kindness of your best pals, the look of yourself at the mirror…

You will face them all in new perspectives, new experiences, in a whole different you—more positively, more beautiful in every way, more appreciate, with braveness in a subtler way …

You will be amazed to feel how simple things giving you so much energy, so much optimism, so much calmness, to overcome anything before you. Since one moment of time, at one particular second, you know that you are going to try and always will try. You know that you have the quality to survive, to keep the good things in you, that you will chose as a special human being and you have that ability. You will not disappoint your future, just for the sake of the goodness itself, for the sake of love itself, for the sake of gratefulness itself. Because it is the way your world should be.

And for that most wonderful moment, you only have one thing to say… Alhamdulillah—All the praise belongs to Allah.

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