a little boy tale

July 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

cat in cave ok


there was a story about a boy who often looked sad. among his friends, he was the youngest. the smallest. the skinniest.

he was the last player that everybody wanted in a soccer team. he always crossed the finish line in running races as the last kid (meanwhile the others had returned to the start line and drunk their iced lemon tea). he couldn’t quite follow the guessing games. and he could only sit on the river bank when his friends swimming happily in the water, because he hadn’t learned to swim.

and then one day something happened. a cat, belonged to one of his friends, was lost. everybody searched for the missing cat. finally someone heard the cat’s voice, deep inside a rabbit burrow.the cat seemed to enjoy being there, but of course she had to get out.

nobody could get into the hole but the smallest and skinniest boy. he crawled in and took the cat out.
‘wow,’ said the cat’s owner, hugging her cat cheerfully. ‘you could be a master in hide and seek. thanks!’

the boy stared at his friend for a moment and slowly his face brightened. ‘and i thank you, too.’

since then, the boy had well-known as a cat savior, and built his career in hide and seek—not to mention the other games among his friends, soon.



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