a girl named emma

July 13, 2015 § 2 Comments


She was quite known at school, that time–spending almost all the time with the other cool students (the jocks, the geniuses, the cute ones). She wasn’t as beautiful or smart as the other girls in the group. She was the lowest in many levels (kids POV) in the group. But there was a clear fact that they loved her so much, and took care of her.

It made some students-outside the ‘cool’ group–had wondered what’s so special of her to become one of them.

I found the answer before the graduation, three years after I knew her–from afar, because I was nothing such cool person like her and the gang.

She approached me and said, “Hey, happy birthday!” and gave a present–a pink photo album. “We’re going to have a blast graduation party-and great photos! This can store our memory.”

I didn’t have any idea how she knew my birthday date! Yeah, we’re friends, but not as close as to know each other personal stuff. So her action was one of my fondest memories–the pure attention from a ‘cool person’ for a’total stranger’ in the tough teenagers’ world.

No wonder everybody loved her. She was the magnet of the group, she poured laugh, smile, and caring to the others. She made people feeling better.

And then… almost ten years later…

she didn’t survived in delivering her first baby. It was the very sad moment of everyone who knew her. There were so many people praying for her at the funeral. I was one of them. We all shed the same tears.

Her name is always in my mind–and so that’s why I used her name in a simple picture book that I wrote: Emma’s Shoes Day–my first attempt to draw and write a story using photoshop to the final touch.

I want to remember her as a sweet and cheerful little girl, who always makes the others feel great. This picture book is for free.


I hope this picture book will do the same thing as what Emma did, bringing smile and happiness to the others.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted –Aesop

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