[Weekly Writing Challenge] unlost

October 22, 2014 § Leave a comment


lost in parking land
That day, I totally forgot the number one rule when I drove in a new parking area at a many stories building: ALWAYS check the number/letter of the spots.

I was too busy to prepare my 2nd son (10 yo) for his first trophy moment with the other course students for their great
achievement on English (yeah, too ‘busy’ to say like: ‘You’re the best. I’m proud of you. Stay near the stage until I find you after the event. Don’t be nervous. Stay calm. Keep smiling, etc.)

That was why I almost didn’t remember how exactly we could get into the hotel ballroom. And when the great event had
ended and everybody was ready to go home (including the widely-smiled boy with his trophy), I suddenly realized I didn’t
remember where I had parked our old car (which means we couldn’t check it by the remote key, anyway).

“God, is it at the basement? No? Which floor?” I asked my 1st son (13 yo) who looked at me like ‘oh-not again, Mom’. He had
cognition skill better than me.

“We parked it at a building behind the hotel. And yes it’s at the basement, at F section,” he said.

You thought that everything was just going alright then? Exactly not. The parking area was so huge and we couldn’t find any
staffs to ask (there were some big events as well on the day, everybody was busy before and inside the hotel). So we manually searched until we found the correct area.

“I think we’ve found it, Mom,” finally my 1st son said after we walked and walked and walked among the cars/and the floors
(I was like ready to make a horror movie in my head just by looking at our surrounding–yeah, basement, nobody but us,
dimly lightning, I only needed a good soundtrack).

“Oh, alhamdulillah. Thank God. Good job, Son,” I felt so relief to see the car.

And to end this adventure, my 2nd son (who didn’t look a bit tired or cranky as usual in similar situation) said when we
all got inside the car. “It’s okay, Mom. Stay calm. Don’t be nervous.”

It sounded familiar, huh?

“Good job, Brother.” My 1st son grinned.

Yeah, the trophy thing absolutely had given my kids good mood and great adventure. And what did I get? A horror story idea
in my head, sore legs muscles, a reminder for always noticing the parking spot, and the best one? This moment allowed me to see how my kids had grown and given their hand to me. It was beautiful 🙂



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