till we meet again

July 20, 2014 § Leave a comment


garbage picker


I only saw her three times at the same place.

First, when I walked to the mini market nearby my brother’s house. She played with a cat, happily, despite the fact she was sitting beside smelly trashes. ‘I’m waiting for my mom. She’s working,’ she answered to my question.

The second time we met, the cat wasn’t with her. I wondered what had happened and thought that some cookies and a bottle of milk would console the little girl. But instead of looking sad, she smiled to me, ‘My cat has delivered her kittens! She would love the milk! Thank you, Miss!”

We met for the last time this morning. I went shopping and bought some food for her, only to find out she had walked with her mother to the corner of the street. My eyes met her gaze. She smiled and said from afar, “See you again!”

I didn’t have a chance to say that today was my last time in the town. Some other jobs were waiting and I had no idea if I could meet her again. I regretted that I hadn’t asked if she went to school after ‘worked’ with her mom. We only met three times, but I would miss our encounters, garbage picker girl.



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