[sketch diary] the lunch

May 19, 2014 § 4 Comments


kid eat

It was nearly noon on Sunday when the door knocked and my son peeked in.

“Mom, you cooked soto ayam* this morning, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Why, do you want your lunch now?” I replied from behind the laptop on the bed. Yeah, sometimes I inevitably had to work on holidays because the writing deadlines told me so.

“Yes, but may I invite my friends to join?”

“Oh, I’d like to, dear.  But this time I’m afraid the food wouldn’t be enough for more than us. I haven’t filled the fridge lately. I’m sorry.”

“But Mom,” he looked over his shoulder and back at me. “I’ve already invited them.”

I raised my head, surprised. “What?”

He defended, “But you said I could invite my friends for lunch on holidays.”

I sighed. I love kids and always welcome them in my place. When my hand is free of writing deadlines, I cook for them too.

“Oh dear, will you please ask me FIRST before you invite your friends next time?”

“Sure, Mom,” he nodded happily. “So, can they join us this time? They like your cooking so much. Please?”


I knew I couldn’t say no when I saw his pleading look.

Don’t ask how I overcome this, but finally I managed to serve the meal for all of us, and their happy face gave me the energy to deal with the deadlines. But still, lesson learned.

Don’t forget to specify the rule 🙂

*soto ayam=Indonesian chicken soup.

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