simple happiness

April 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

parachute toy


The little boy didn’t have to say anything. His eyes revealed it when he looked up at the schoolyard two days ago. The sky was full of plastic parachutes toys.

She knew he would never ask for it. Even for a plastic parachute toy. Not until he found his mom having enough money at the beginning of the month.

She held her tears and smiled to him. “You will get a better parachute at home.”

He looked at his mom, amazed. “Oh… how… how do you know?”
She hugged him. “I just know.”

That afternoon, together they build a plastic parachute from a used plastic bag, strings, and old tiny soldier toy.

“Here,” she gave the parachute to him. “Now you can fly.”

He looked at the soldier toy. There was a piece of paper tied around it. So small but he still could read the writing on it. His name.

He smiled. “Mommy, this is the best parachute in the world.”




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