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kids Treasure ok


To: Sxxx
Cc: Dxx

You guys won’t believe this.

I mean, yes, THAT day, we were absolutely sure that someday, someone would find our ‘treasure’. Our ‘footprints’. The evidence that we actually lived in the past and prepared our things to be buried and found by someone in the future.

Yeah, that was cool, right? It wasn’t hard for us to believe such things because we’re adventurer kids—who had the wildest dreams and imaginations. From Mars to Jupiter (when we talked about universe). From mountains to the sea (when we argued about the coolest extinct animals). From Timbuktu to Kirrin (when we discussed where to go for holidays).

And then we’re growing up. And reality bit. Each of us moved to another town (even other islands and countries). Time flew. We’re dealing with our own problems. We tried to face the world that wasn’t as friendly as we thought when we’re together as kids.

But life is full of surprises, too. When my auntie said that she would fly to that town two days ago for some works—yes, OUR childhood town—of course I asked her to see our secret place! Surely there would be a huge different of everything over there. But we should try, don’t you think?

And I might be already crazy when she said on the phone, “Do you know? You and your friends are very lucky. I found your legend tree! And the house is still standing behind it.”

Guys, I think we owe her FOREVER for digging the earth after got permission from the land owner (can you imagine how the owner laughed at her silly reason, but let her anyway?). OMG. I cried because of crazily happy and also laughing so hard.

And now, the treasure. Did she find our treasure?

No. It was gone. After more than 20 years buried. But it was the best part, wasn’t it?

Finally, someone had found it. Our missions succeed! I hope, anyone who found it were kids, too. Because our treasure was surely nothing for adults because we just left a piece of paper in the potato chips can. With our handwriting on it. So simple. So silly. So funny. Yet so wonderful.

I’m sure we all still remember it.

‘Hello anybody! If you find this letter, congrats, coz we’re sure you are the true adventurer like us, who don’t hesitate to go outside and play with nature (we’re inspired by our favorite novels, btw :). Keep the good tradition, guys! Let me tell you, we are the happiest adventurer kids on earth! And you will too! Cheers, S-D-S.’


It was so memorable. I think I’m gonna cry right now.

Guys, the memories of my childhood with all of you are the savior in my present life, every time I feel like everything is going wrong.

Thank you. THANK YOU. And I miss all of you.


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