the claps

February 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

In the closet ok


The dining room.

“Carol? I thought we’re going to discuss the homework a bit later?”
“Forget about the homework! I mean, you have to get here RIGHT NOW! I mean, bring the homework too! Oh, I mean…”
“Wow wow, please slow down. I can’t hear you clearly. Are you okay? What’s happening? God, you’re breathing hard.”
“We’ve been playing hide and seek and then I couldn’t find them but…”
“Wait, who are ‘we’?”
“Who else in this house would make me play hide and seek?”
“And now you can’t find your little brothers? Have you looked at…”
“I’m sure they’re upstairs. It took almost forever to find them… and still there’s no sign of them… but, but then I heard something IN MY PARENT’S CUPBOARD!”
“And your brothers are in there, aren’t they? Tell me.”
“I don’t know! That’s why I ran and called you. What should I do?”
“What? Are you serious? Just open the door and say ‘Gotcha!'”
“Are you crazy? It wasn’t just a sound. I thought it was… A CLAP!”
“So? Surely it was your brother’s. Hey, what’s wrong with you, Carol?”
“I told you I didn’t want to watch that movie. The CLAPS really freaked me out.”
“Wait a second. The movie? The claps? …. THAT movie? Oh, come on, Carol. It was just a movie…”
“That based on a true story! Oh can you please come to my house right now? Mom is still on her way home.”
“You’re just overreacting. Your house is the safest place on the planet. Just call your brothers out and you’ll know what I’m saying.”
“But Megan…”




“I’m thirsty.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“My legs are numb. Can we go out, Colin?”
“Maybe. Oh my, we’re just trying to help her find us. I guess we should try to clap again.. Ready?”




Inspired by the claps over HERE


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