her call (part 1 of 2)

January 10, 2014 § 8 Comments

“911. What’s your emergency?”
“I ‘an’t ‘all Aun’ie ‘ane.”

Amanda was silent for a second, pressed the headset to her ear to catch the whispering voice. A kid’s voice. She looked at the location on the computer screen. Greenwood. This kid used a landline phone. “Sweetie, can you repeat what you said, please?”

“I ‘on’t ‘member ‘er ‘umber…” Now the voice was sobbing.
“Alright. I need you to calm down, sweetie, so I can hear you clearly. What’s your name?”
“I’m Katrin...” The voice was still low but more audible “… and I can’t remember Auntie Jane’s new number...”

Amanda nodded to herself. A little girl who probably missed her auntie.“Katrin. How old are you?”
I’m 6.”
“So you want to call your auntie but you forget her new phone number?”
“Okay, I’m sure you can ask your parents. Where’s your mom, or dad?”
“They’re downstairs.
“Alright, then you can ask them…”

No. I want Auntie Jane.” She sobbed again. “I’m scared...”
“Why are you scared, sweetie? Alright, now please calm down. It’s going to be okay. I need you to go to your parents…”
Noo. I want Auntie Jane…. I can’t remember her number. She said I should call 911 if I can’t reach her…”

Amanda frowned. “What’s the situation out there, Katrin? Can you tell me? Are your parents just fine downstairs?”
I don’t know… I don’t want to get out…” Her voice muffled.
“Katrin, can you tell me where you are now?”
In my bedroom… in the closet.
“Okay. And you have this telephone in your room?”
… no… It’s from hallway… I took it… Mom once told me if this happened…”

“I see. Is there anybody else in the house? Or a stranger came into your house?”
“Okay then… can you tell me the specific things that make you scared?”
The yelling…
“The yelling of…”
Dad…” It was like a whisper of death.

Amanda took a deep breath. A glimpse of memory came across her mind. “I see. Are your parents having some arguments over there? And you afraid of it?”
“Katrin, are you still with me?”
“I need Auntie Jane… I’m scared…” Katrin squeaked, panting hardly.

Amanda knew that sound. Too familiar. She collected herself and said, “Alright, Katrin. I need you to be calm down. I want to confirm your address so I can send an officer to see if he could help you. Is it at Greenwood 15?”

“..yes ma’am...”

Amanda could hear that Katrin suddenly gasped.
“… oh no… Mommy…

“Katrin? Katrin? Can you hear me?”

There was muffled sounds and then silence. Amanda felt as if her heart stopped beating. “Katrin? Are you still there?”

When there was no response, Amanda turned on her seat and almost screamed at Julian across the room, “Help me to send the police and paramedics to go to Greenwood 15. I think it’s a domestic violence. A kid needs protection.”

As Julian immediately did what she asked, Amanda returned to her call, typing report as fast as she could, “Katrin? Katrin?” She was so relieved to hear Katrin’s voice again. “..’ight ‘ere…”

“Where have you been?”
Seein’ Mom… I ‘an’t ‘ear her ‘ow…” She seemed to be panic-stricken.
“You went out of your room?”
“… ‘ust at ‘he door…
“What did you hear, or see?”
“… ‘mething broken… Mom… no ‘ounds … oh Mom’…” Katrin cried faintly.
“And you think that your dad did something to her?” Amanda almost could hear her own heartbeat outside the body. She could feel Katrin greatly. That pain.

“Katrin? Are you afraid of your dad? It’s okay to tell me.”
“…yes, ma’am…,” she whispered.

Amanda sighed heavily. “Listen, Katrin. I already have an officer to go there so you will be fine. Now can you possibly walk to the door once again and lock it? Then back to this phone and keep talking to me, I will be with you until the officer arrives. Can you do that?”

Katrin didn’t answer but Amanda could hear the girl moved out. Good girl. Brave girl. She turned and saw Julian speaking to her without sound, The officer is almost there. Amanda nodded, and only then realized that her lips were trembling.

Amanda straightened on her seat, exhaling with relief. “Yes, Katrin. I’m still here. Have you locked the door?”
Yes, ma’am…
“Good girl. I’m very proud of you. You are in the closet now?”
“It’s warm in there, isn’t it? Do you like it?”
Katrin sobbed.

“So can you tell me about Auntie Jane? Where does she live?” Amanda kept counting every single second.
“I.. ‘on’t ‘member…,” Katrin whispered and started to cry again. “Ma’am, I’m afraid….”
Amanda felt a sudden lump in her throat. “I know, Katrin. But I also know you’re a brave girl. Listen, I need to ask your parents’ name. What’s your dad’s name?”

“… Town…”
“Town? Like Mr. Town?”

“Katrin?” Amanda asked again. “Katrin?”

“Amanda?” This one was from Julian.
“Katrin, hold on a second. I will back to you…” Amanda turned to face Julian. “Have the police got there?”
Julian frowned, holding the headset and listening to someone on the other end of line. “Amanda, this is weird. Have you confirmed to the kid about her address?”
“Of course. It’s Greenwood 15. You can see it yourself on the screen. Her name is Katrin and her dad is Mr. Town. Is that the police who speak with you on the line? Has he got there?”

Julian stared at her. “But… it can’t be possible…”
Suddenly Amanda felt something icy sending shivers down her spine. “Julian, what do you mean? What is going on?” She almost screamed on her headset. “Katrin? Hello, Katrin? Are you still with me? Katrin?!”


my first try for Weekly Writing Challenge

the second part will be coming soon 🙂

—update: Part 2 has already done:




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