the new beginning

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girl threw ball ok

Lea counted her steps while walking beside her mom. They went out earlier this morning because Mom had to substitute Aunt Brit at her small store. The air was fresher, and colder than every single day Lea had been through.

“Are you fine?” Lea heard Mom asked. Lea hesitated, but nodded anyway.

The truth was, she had never been quite fine with this new place since two weeks ago—the first time she stepped on the cold pavement in front of the flat. She knew it wasn’t entirely about the place. Actually, the new place had brought hope to Mom and her. Small rooms in a flat (better than a full furnished home with a monster inside), better job for Mom (Lea could help at weekends and it meant extra money). The kids in her new school near Auntie Brit’s shop were quite friendly (some weren’t, though), and Lea thought it was the main problem. She was a slow-to-adapt girl.

Mom squeezed Lea’s hand softly. Lea almost did the same thing to Mom’s hand when she heard the familiar sound. The only sound that made her heart jumped (in a positive way) since they moved here. Dribble sounds.

And out of nowhere, a ball was flying over them, almost hit her head, but the next second, Lea caught it.

A little girl at the park nearby closed her mouth with hands, her eyes widened, and then she squeaked, “Sorry!”
A red haired boy had a quick sharp-glance at her and turned to Lea over the fence. “Please forgive my silly sister.”
“I am NOT silly!” the little cute girl snapped. “I am a professional!”

Lea almost bit her lower lip to prevent her laugh, and even Mom was smiling at that.
Lea could feel the ball under her hands. Suddenly her feeling was much better than before. “That’s okay,” she said to the girl, calming her. “Ready to catch it?”

The little girl looked at Lea, and then nodded.
Lea threw the ball up. A bit too far. It flew over the fence, passing by the boy and his sister, and going into a hoop at the side of the park.

“Wow,” the boy said.
“Wow,” his sister echoed.

A voice from distance broke the fascinating moment. “Oh God, you are going to be late again, kids! Bring the ball here and take your bags! The bus will arrive at any time!”
“Yes, Moom!” said the boy, then turning to Lea before go, “Do you want to join us playing basketball this weekend?”
“Yeah, you should,” the little girl added. “You are kind and you are awesome.”

Lea smiled sheepishly. “I was just lucky.”
“Well, I never got a lucky shoot like that,” the boy laughed. “See you at weekend!”
When the siblings run towards their mother at the corner of the park, Mom squeezed Lea’s hand again and said softly, “You and your magic hand. I know we could like this place, dear.”

“I hope so. Thank you, Mom.” Mom and Lea looked at each other, their eyes sparkled.



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