another bedtime story

November 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

Owl and kid OK

When the new animal came to perch on the tree near Dylan’s bedroom window, Anne started to have super long nights.
‘Dylan’s time for bedtime-stories’ had officially turned into ‘Dylan’s time for his endless protests.’

‘That’s the creepiest animal I’d ever seen, Anne. Why he always chose that branch and turns his face to MY window? And why his eyes are so WIDE? I don’t like the way he stares. I swear he doesn’t know how to blink. Can I pleaseee sleep in your or Mom’s room?’

There was nothing Anne could say to calm her brother–and it made her only got short sleeps, which meant she would be yawning all the day at school.

And then one night Anne got the answer of this problem–when Dylan was still on her lap, and she was looking at the owl with sleepy eyes and wondering when the bird decided to fly away.

She looked at the owl’s eyes. Bright-glistened-brown, like something behind the glass. The idea came across her mind at the moment.
‘Dylan, listen. That owl reminds me to someone we know. Do you know who she is? Try to look closely.’
Dylan hesitated. But finally he turned his head and looked at the owl.

‘Rounded face. Brown eyes. The stare behind the glasses. And a bit wrinkles between the eyebrows…’ Anne began.

Dylan’s eyes widened. ‘Auntie Helen!’

Both of them bursted into laughter. Nobody had a particular stare behind the glasses like Auntie Helen.

“Imagine the owl wears our auntie’s glasses and her flowery hat.’

Dylan now was looking at the owl with interest. ‘Wow, you’re right, Anne. Oh, this is so hilarious!’

Anne nodded and yawned, totally feeling relieved. Finally. The quote ‘Turn the thing that scares you into funny thing’ seemed to be working very well.

‘We should thank to Remus Lupin and Neville Longbottom for this,” said Anne. “It’s time to sleep, little brother. Don’t forget to pray.’

‘Who is Remus Lupin and Neville Longbottom?’
‘Well, I’ll keep the story for tomorrow night.’

For the first time since the owl came, Dylan slept with a grin on his face.



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