[sketch diary] the gift he wanted

November 24, 2013 § 2 Comments


Immunization-day at school would be the hardest day for some students (where to run? 🙂 ), or the teachers (how to calm scared kids and keep them stay in the lines–before meet the syringes?), and even for parents of lower grades students (there would be a lot of dramas along the school hallways).

My son (3rd grade) seemed to be okay with it and didn’t need my accompany. But I still intended to appreciate his braveness by preparing such simple gifts (cakes or books, not the other useless toys for sure).

So in the morning of the-vaccine-day I asked him, “I want us to celebrate this day after school. What do you want to have? Special lunch? Books? Anything else?”

While he was thinking eagerly, I prayed at heart. ‘No more Hot Wheels, please!’

And then he said, “I want a drawing of me.”
I frowned. “A drawing of what?”
“Of me. I love your drawings, Mom, so draw me while I get the injection–as if you see it yourself. I think I won’t cry so you can draw me with big smile on my face.”

The answer was so unpredictable that I had to ask one more time. “Are you sure? Only a drawing?”
He nodded.

And later I knew from his teacher, my son managed to get vaccinated without drama. After school, I was so glad to see him running to me at the parking lot, bright and cheerful as usual.

“I’m proud of you,” I hugged him.
He smiled and asked, “Where’s my gift?”
I gave him the drawing and apologized, “I’m sorry if it doesn’t come up the way you want. I think this drawing isn’t good enough.”


He looked at my drawing for a moment, and grinned widely. “No, Mom. This is COOL. Yeah. It’s me. I am brave. Thanks, Mom.”

It’s so simple to make you happy, my brave boy.


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