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“We only have 10 minutes to play here—and to say good-bye.”


I was with a bunch of kids who usually spend their afternoon playing at my place, when W (6) and A (5) came and said that, with their hands clutched the bars of the gate, and gloomy faces. Their family were ready to move to another city right away.


And we had the best last-ten minutes with them. Everybody almost talked at the same time.

“Can I play this car—for the last time?” Sniff.

“You can take it with you.”

“Please forgive me if I ever hurt you.”

“Me too.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“It’s already 10 minutes I guess.”

“Yeah, so…”

“Will you give me a hug?”

“Bye, friends. Bye, Mrs.N…”

“Until we meet again!”

“Have a safe trip, W, A! And don’t forget us.”

“We won’t.”



Bye, my dear W and A.

I will always miss the times when you knocked at my door and asked me, “Mrs. N, what do you cook today?”



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