‘Big Book’ with Big Help

March 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve been drawing since childhood.

Just give me papers, pencil, and eraser, I could sit for very long, drawing doodles (and later when I was in elementary school, making my own comic strips-that’s what my parents called my messy drawings and its absurd speech bubbles LOL).

Drawing has become my favorite besides reading and, later, writing stories. At first I learned to draw mostly from comics and children books illustrations, never took drawing lessons or something similar with it (there’s no such things as online-drawing class those days. Mind you, we even didn’t realize that internet had been around out there! Okay, I’m rather exaggerating here).
Anyway, I’m glad now my kids can learn how to draw much better than their mom, with so many talented people who shared their experiences on the internet. I hadn’t thought about buying such as how’-to-draw’ guide books until I saw this book on a bookstore.



‘Buku Besar Menggambar’ by Fiona Watt, et.al (95 pages)

(the Indonesian version was published by Erlangga for Kids, 2006),

translated from the original ‘Big Book of Things to Draw’ (Ursborne Publishing, 2006)


Two great facts: This book was on sale, and I found it very helpful! This book is excellent for my kids and I (as beginners who still look for our own style) because it contains many different techniques and tools (from more than 10 writers plus illustrators!).  The step-by-step instructions are simple and we’re so much in love with the illustrations!

Just take a look.

WP-Big Book1

WP-Big Book2

WP-Big Book3

WP-Big Book5

WP-Big Book6

WP-Big Book7

And this is what happened when we’re trying water-color technique.


Kid 1: ‘I can’t draw it. My tree is ugly.’
Mom : ‘It’s perfect!’
Kid 1: ‘No, Mom. It isn’t.’ (insisted)
Kid 2: ‘Well, at least we know that it is a tree.’ (with innocent face)
Kid 1: ‘What do you exactly mean?’
Mom: ‘Ookay, now lets practice the other drawings!’

But we had fun anyway! 🙂





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