Jerry the Giraffe and a Get-Well-Soon Card

February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment



…were moving to another house.

I usually made felt dolls like these as gifts to my kids’ friends who got sick (I got the patterns from books).

This time the big Jerry went to S’ house.
Ian’s classmate—S—got hit by a car a few days ago. We’re all shocked and sad, especially Ian. So we visited S at the hospital.
That accident left S with some stitches at ears, lips, and he had a surgery to remove the bleeding in his stomach. That 8-year-old kid looked so tough. He grinned to us—with all the pipes attached to his body. His mother looked just like him—welcomed everyone with a broad smile.
It was so touching. Moreover, we knew that the father of this family had passed away just a couple months ago. See now why I respected their spirit of hope and optimism with heart and soul? This mom and son are truly amazing.
S looked so happy with Jerry in his hands.

And dear S, this card spoke our hearts:



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