[Sketch Diary] Tooth Story

February 3, 2013 § 2 Comments



Last week. In our friendly-dentist room.

“Your son has a crossbite–lower front teeth overlapping one of his top teeth. I recommend him get some appliance–an expander–to correct this. He will be worn this for about 2-3 months until the crossbite is fixed, controlled every week. He won’t feel hurt, just may experience a mild sensation of tooth pressure and at first week his mouth will adjust to different way of chewing. Try soup and soft foods for some time. After it fixed, we can treat the gap between his front teeth with braces for a few more months.”

Long-term treatment. And might cause him some inconvenience. Poor kid.


This week. I–8 years old–with the new expander at his teeth.

As if seeing my anxiety, he said with his now-strange-voice, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’m okay with this thing.” And he grinned.

Sometimes kids are tougher than grownups, I thought. I smiled back at him. Yes, kiddo, we can go through it, insha Allah.



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