[Sketch Diary] the Move

January 28, 2013 § 2 Comments




One afternoon while neighborhood kids were playing at the house, the youngest one-P, 5 years old, a cute tiny boy-called.
“Mrs. N, can you do this?” Then he did a forward roll on the mattress before the TV.

-Gasping-  “Oh, be careful!”

“I can do that too!” His brother followed, and the other kids did the same. The floor full of kids, rolling and laughing.


“And I can do a SPLIT.” P did it as easy as pie. “Our instructor at Wushu course taught us.”

WOW. “THAT was cool.”

“Can you do a split, Mrs. N? What other gymnastic moves can you do?”

Now THAT is a simple question but difficult to answer.




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§ 2 Responses to [Sketch Diary] the Move

  • Lavinia says:

    I remember how a 10 year old was surprised I don’t know how to ride a bike. He decided to teach me but it was a total failure. During the lesson, all his friends from the street gathered around and they were all like: is she faking it? how can you not ride a bike? :)) very very funny:))

    • nita says:

      Your experience was hilarious 🙂
      These days the case would be ‘worse’ (at least in mine). One day a kid asked me, astonished, “You don’t know the difference between IPhone and IPad?” Lol.

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