[Sketch Diary] Reward

January 7, 2013 § 2 Comments





Come on, good boy. A half way to go. You almost get there.

I want to play Lego.

It only takes 5 minutes, smart boy. Finish your homework, then you can play again.

Can I do this later? After playing Lego? I want my Lego.

Your Lego can wait. Okay, listen. I will give you stickers if you can finish your homework. How about that?

No, I don’t want stickers.

But I have many cute stickers. You can have it if…

But I don’t want stickers...

Okay, we are wasting time here, boy… if you don’t want to finish your homework…

I just want your kisses… after I finish my homework. Is that all right, Mom?

Of course, Son. Oh I’m so sorry for thinking… never mind. I’ll give you as many as you want. Thank you for being so sweet. I’m sorry, and I love you.




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