[Flash Fiction] The Chat #6

January 3, 2013 § Leave a comment





So, do you want to join us?
Erica? Hey, are you still here?

Listen, Dallas. I have no time for this.

Wow wow, don’t go. I’m super-deadly serious!

So do I. Now get outta my way.

Look, Erica. I know people like to make you as a joke. But I don’t give a damn, and that’s nothing to do with my offering. I believe this feeling. I ask you one more time, are you interested in joining our short film?

I’m a freak.

I ain’t hearing you say ‘no’.

You don’t even know me, Dal. I’m nobody in this campus.

Then let us know you. Me and my team. We can talk about it first. It’s gonna be fun—making a film, I mean. Yeah, it’s a non-commercial project, but think about the power of internet. Look what happened to Justin Bieber.

Bieber is so yesterday. And his debut wasn’t a film.

See? You do understand my words. Exactly what we need.

I think you’re drunk.

I guess that’s a ‘yes’ for our meeting tomorrow? We’ll wait you at the north wing. 11 am. See ya then!




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