[Sketch-Diary] Class Report

December 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

WP-student report


Teacher: Congratulation Ian. You have wonderful progresses. It’s nice to have a smart student like him, Mrs. N.

Ian: Yippie.

Me: Thank you, Mrs. L. You are his inspiration too, especially in this class.

Teacher: That’s very sweet of you, Ian. By the way, there’s another thing …

Teacher: Ian LOVED to sing in the class, Mrs. N. In the middle of the lessons. And it sometimes disturbed other children. I’m sorry to say this.

Me: He sang in the class? (glanced to Ian, who already slid, hid behind the blackboard)

Me: And he did it…

Teacher: Almost. All the time.  Everyday.

Me: (couldn’t help myself but smile ) Ian, do you have something to say about that?

Ian: (scratching the board)




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