[Flash Fiction] The Chat #3

November 12, 2012 § Leave a comment



What the–  Oh come on. He sat next to that witch–AGAIN? There’s an empty chair beside me and he chose that one?

Everybody know the empty chair beside you is for Rob, Gwen. Wait until he knows that you had been grumbling about Dallas and Erica for a week..

It’s over between me and Rob, you know.

Well, I don’t suppose he thinks the same. 

Look, they’re talking to each other! How dare that girl. Stupid Dal. 

He really is a fool, I told ya. Totally an average. 

I don’t mean that ‘foolish’, though his choice to sit there is… yeah, stupid. Can’t he see who’s the girl in front of him now? That weird witch…

Gwen, come on. Dallas? He doesn’t worth your attention, your time–you’ve been sneaking around him for a week! Oh God…

Listen, Lisa. I know Dallas is way too far from our circle, but I also know that soon he will be. Someone I trust told me that.

What do you mean Dallas will be one of us? That average boy? Being famous? He needs a miracle to make it happen. 

Trust me. That’s why I don’t want that witch messes things up.

Gwen, be careful with her. I know she’s nobody. But she’s the most uncanny girl in this campus. 

You take that rumor seriously? 

She’s ‘a witch’, you said it yourself.

Finish your meal. That girl has left. Let’s meet him.

What? Why? Hey, Gwen!

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