[Flash Fiction] The Chat #2

November 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

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[soft thumping sound of a plate on the table]
[dark brown iris-eyed girl looked up, no smile. her plate is empty]

Do you mind?

[the girl read her book again]

Ookay, as usual, I consider it as a ‘yes’. Thanks.
[the boy put his bag down, sat and looked at his lunch and the girl back and forth]

Five People You Met in Heaven? Really? And what kind of food is this? I hate rice. Mona just put it on my plate, and I don’t like throwing food away.

Why are you sitting here again?

Sorry, but again, this is the only available seat in the world now. For the fourth time this week. So … Hey, this sort-of-sandwich is quite delicious. Why Mona served that stupid fried-rice with it?

That’s enchilada.


The thing that you eat.

This sandwich?

That is tortilla filled with beef, peppers, and cheese. Enchilada.

So you can talk more than eight words in one time. That rumor was nonsense.

[the girl picked up her book again]

Now she’s going back to her cave. Okay, I’ll enjoy my enchilada then.

[ten minutes passed, the boy still pushed himself to eat the fried-rice with enchilada]

[the girl put the book down, frowning]
Dal, everybody is looking at us.

God, finally my plate is clean. What did you say?

I’m a bad luck.

Sitting on the only chair in this crowded canteen is a bad luck? No Mam. I just want to sit while eating. Don’t worry. They are just staring. Not barking.

You have a reputation to keep. I don’t.

What? [the boy laughed] What kind of reputation I have as a second year college student? I don’t even recognize this ‘enchilada’.

[the girl shrugged, put her book in the bag, stood up]

Hey, did I say something wrong? I’m sorry. I just … It’s been hard these days. You know, the assignments, and my lack of sleep …

‘Dal always apologize,’ they said. True. You good [the girl started to walk away]

What? And how many times have I say ‘what’ to you? Now I’m doubly sure that something really happened with my brain.

[the girl walked past him]

Well, thanks for the seat, Erica

[the boy looked at her back, shrugged, and back to his drink]


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