[Flash Fiction] The Chat #1

November 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

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Feel stuck.

Feel sleepy. It’s late here you know.

You guys just don’t know how to pick words.

Sorry, but…

I don’t accept but. I feel stuck, and you said you’re sleepy. Great.

Sorry, Jess. But it is the same ‘stuck’ as hundreds other ‘stuck’ this week, isn’t it?

Oh my. Now you break my heart. You said that I’d been such an annoying person for a week?

Oh God. I say I’m sorry. And why you always misunderstand my words? I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. Girls…

Boys. Just say you can feel me, that’s enough. Feel sleepy. What kind of answer is that?

And you don’t care that I feel sleepy? That’s very kind of you. THANK YOU for understanding me, too.


I don’t like our conversation tonight. Your night. Because it’s daylight here. What am I saying? Oh, it’s silly. I am the silly one.

I’m smiling now. Yes you are. Silly little girl.

And you always forgive my silliness. Before I apologize. What kind of boy are you?

Still the same Dal, your kindergarten mate years ago.

Are you still feeling sleepy?

I’ve already half-sleep.

Go off, then.

How about your stuckness?

Can wait untill you awake later.

Yeah, I know you’ll say that. Good night, Jess. Or good morning.  Whatever.

Dal, thank you.

Yes, silly girl. You’re welcome.


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